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the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom

one day I will be awesome

use faux pas
7 March 1983
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  • killtacular@livejournal.com
  • top secret, just ask
In real life I am currently getting my PhD in Philosophy at Princeton University. I currently am fascinated by some stuff in formal epistemology (justification, confirmation, rationality), the epistemology of science (bayesianism), general philosophy of science (epistemic anti-realism/realism), determinism, and the philosophy of probability (again, subjective bayesianism), and, obviously, where the above all overlap. I am trying to educate myself more about the philosophy of math, decision theory, various logics, and various topics in metaphysics. In any case, nothing I say on the eljay should be taken as what I really think about any philosophical topic: it is more like "thinking out loud."

Apparently random people are adding me as a friend. If you want to be friended back, leave a coherent comment in the roman alphabet and I'll add you back.

Websites and blogs I read (or try to read).

thoughts, arguments and rants.
crooked timber.
language log.
leiter reports.
Battle Red Blog (houston texans blog).
espn.com's college football page.
One Bronco Nation Under God bsu football blog
boise state sports homepage.
rice sports homepage.

tv shows I like:
battlestar galactica
south park
daily show
star trek: tng
criminal minds

video games I love and/or continue to go back and play from time to time:
betrayal at krondor
planescape: torment
ncaa football (insert current year)
baldur's gate I, II and the add-ons.
halo (insert most recent version)
civilization II,IV (plus alpha centauri)

Non-Electronic Games I'm pretty much always up for:
Poker (no limit and pot limit hold-em, stud, a few others)
Settlers of Catan

things that piss me off:
arrogance conjoined with incompetence
youtube videos of cops using tasers for the shit of it
whenever anyone uses "begs the question" innappropriately
when people don't realize the singular accomplishment of winning "best QB" with a true freshman quarterback for boise state in ncaa '07 on heisman

heres what people are saying about me:

killtacular. : jordan is awesome in bed
24 hour diners, a.j. ayer, alastair norcross, alcohol, alcoholic/messiah, alienation, all-night parties, american football, analytic philosophy, anarchy, anti-everything, anti-imperialism, anti-realism, arling+cameron, art stars, atheism, baldur's gate, bars, bas van fraassen, battlestar galactica, beer, beer pong, being fucking wasted, being ironically hip, belle and sebastian, bertrand russell, binges, blah, boise state, bonfires, branden fitelson, caffeine, chuck palahniuk, cigarettes, coffee shops, cursing god, cyberpunks, cynicism, daft punk, damn the man, dance-all-wrong-songs, david hume, david lewis, decadence, desert landscape ontology, desk graffiti, destroy the right wing, djs, drinking games, elliot sober, fear and loathing, fighting as i live--deviously, formal epistemology, frederick exley, fucking shit up, gambling, gaydar, gazing into the abyss, girls who drink beer, girls with glasses, giving spontaneous gifts, global skepticism, grad school, guilty pleasures, hacking the planet, halo, hanging out, hardcore, having good taste, health-free living, ian curtis, indie rock, indielectuals, intellectual masturbation, intoxicated sing-a-longs, irish drinking songs, ironic use of l337, kathleen hannah, killtacular, lameness, language, laziness, le tigre, lighter bandits, meeting random people, mindfucks, naps, natalie portman, not giving a fuck, oral sex, philosophy blogs, plausibility, poker, pontificating on matters, pop culture, radical empiricism, radiohead, re-institutionalization, record stores, refused, revolution, rice university, robosexuals, robot music, romanticised views of history, romeo + juliet, rudolph carnap, running riot, sad bastard music, scarface, screwing other people's gaydar, secular humanism, sex, sherrilyn roush, showers that last forever, sigur ros, slack, smashing the state, smelling like teen spirit, smoking, socialism, south park, star trek:tng, stoner cartoons, strong agnosticism, subverting the dominant paradigm, super-as-modifier, the cool life, the end is near, the icarus line, the manchester scene, the underground, the velvet underground, the weakerthans, timothy williamson, vanilla lattes, video games, vienna circle, viva la revolucion, vodka, w.v.o. quine, wanna see me disco?, weed, winning at the internets, you