use faux pas (killtacular) wrote,
use faux pas

Non-agenda sources of radiation health risks?

So, I'm having a hard time parsing the health risks associated with various scenarios for the Japan reactor collapse. Most that I come across are either the admirably honest "I don't really know," or of the "No sweat, nuclear is teh awesome" or the "BAN ALL NUCLEAR POWER NOW" variety (last two slightly exaggerated). None of those are helpful.

Anyone have a better source of info? And no, the xkcd graphic does not count as better.

As a side note: I count myself as being on the ambivalently pro side of nuclear power as a way of reducing carbon emissions. Definite problems are the very large costs, and the waste issue. I used to think both were manageable (and kinda still do). However, if we also have "small but non-negligible probability of really massive shit," which I didn't think before (I also didn't think this about ocean oil drilling, so perhaps I am a sucker. Or perhaps I am overly persuaded by one-off events) then I think we just go to a full on hydro/solar/wind/whatever solution with natural gas providing baseline. At the very least, we definitely get rid of reactors in California and other massive-natural-disaster-prone areas.

Anyways, if you know any, let me know!
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