use faux pas (killtacular) wrote,
use faux pas


So I passed my oral unit tonight (on imprecise probabilities), which means I am done with coursework. If I can pass my generals (on uniqueness (is there a unique rational thing to believe given your evidence?)) in January, I get to ... figure out what to write a dissertation on.

I have to say, actually, that the football season has actually been really good for me. I would have given serious consideration to going to the BSU-in-the-national-championship game had things turned out differently (even though this would have been horrible in terms of passing generals), and the Texans have been epic sucking for the last 6-7 weeks. So I have felt compelled to spend almost no time on any football-fan-related activities other than watching the games: very little blog-commenting, hardly any espn/whatever reading, the bare minimum of fantasy activities, and no trying to figure out how I could manage preparation for generals along with flying across the country to watch a football game (or figuring out how I could convince various professors to change their schedules to accommodate that). So, although it makes me sad that the teams I like didn't live up to their potential, the good side is that it has made me a much better grad student! :)
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