use faux pas (killtacular) wrote,
use faux pas


Now I'm sure that if I won Celebrity Jeopardy, I would donate my money to wikileaks. After all, I couldn't donate to them with my visa card even if I wanted to. So how else could I make the donation? Note: I can donate to stormfront, the leading white power website via visa; I can also donate to the KKK with my visa. But not wikileaks! Before, I wasn't really considering actually donating money to wikileaks. I am now.

Although, to be fair, a cursory examination appears to show I can't donate to NAMBLA with my visa, as they only take checks. So, apparently, pedophiles < Wikileaks < Racists, according to Visa (and mastercard, etc). So there is that. (NOTE: DO NOT ACTUALLY DONATE TO ANYONE I LINKED TO).
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