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So, I was outside smoking a cigarette, and just kinda looking at the near-full moon. When all of a sudden the moon started to disappear. From right-to-left, it just progressively went dark. At first, I was like, holy shit, a lunar eclipse, and I didn't even know about it, and I saw it! But then I realized that it happened in like two seconds, which is way too fast for an actual eclipse, and then the moon started re-appearing again several seconds later. So that couldn't be it.

Then I was like: oh my god, the aliens have arrived, and their massive mother ship is descending on us at this moment! And then I realized that was insane.

Finally, I realized that, of course, it was just clouds. But it was still really awesome. There wasn't enough cloud cover close to the surface to partially obscure anything, the clouds that did block out the moon were dense enough to do so, but not compact enough so that they could allow repeated blocking and unveiling of the moon, and the clouds were at the best distance to both allow all of this and still be moving fast enough that you got a total "cloudclipse" every twenty/thirty seconds or so.

Now, I've obviously seen clouds obscure the moon before. But I've never before seen a relatively clear night where clouds could be seen repeatedly and completely (progressively) darkening the moon and then moving on. I definitely smoked more cigarettes today than I normally do sitting and watching it: it was pretty sweet.
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There actually was a partial lunar eclipse a few days ago, which was supposedly visible at 3:17 am on Saturday morning in California. I was asleep at the time though, so I couldn't verify for myself.
ahh, too bad, anytime I'm aware that they are happening I always really like to see them.

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I'm not great about email: when I'm reading or writing a paper I'll ignore it for days at a time, and not ever really go back and make sure I've replied to everything. In any case, if you send me another in the next few days I'll definitely be checking :).

And I do like that picture as well:), I think its on my facebook: I'm Jordan Delange, with Rice/UH/Princeton if you want to add me.
jordan!! you got tricked by weather!?!?!?

that's like every day in san francisco.